Bi-Weekly Inspiration #3

Hej :)

So it is already September. Time flies, what else. So to keep it short and sweet here is the things /articles/projects that have inspired me the last two weeks. 

It was good piece to read. I got to know about “second screening” guilty and top-down and bottoms-up attention (Top-down is when we select to focus on something and bottoms-up is when our attention is involuntary captured, like the time you went to do one quickly thing in online and ended up spending hours doing everything else). Reading this article made me also recognise that I might have developed hyper attention as go to attention mode and are using deep attention less and less. (And that is scary. Maybe it is time to pick up some books and relearn this skill). Also the paragraph Are the Kids…. All Right, made me think deep and also made me sad to understand that Roar is competing with my phone or other screens for attention. Definitely we need to address that.

  • “I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food” quote by Erma Bombeck. I thought it was really good quote and was pleasantly surprised to find out that she has been writing a lot and witty about family life too. Definitely worth to check out her other quotes, but also I look forward to get my hands on some of her books.
  • August was foodie month in Copenhagen. Had fun going to Cider Festival and tasting different ciders around the world. After tasting us through quite few, we agreed/confirmed that Jaanihansu from Estonia is making amazing stuff. 

Also this year I had an opportunity to go and participate on Bite and listen some interesting lectures and taste some amazing new products. (More about it shortly). 

  • Japanese tastes. This month I was exploring a new role- a recipe tester for new cookbook Wa the Japanese Cookbook by Joe Kimura Downie from Kimuras Kitchen and can say I learned some new techniques and experienced some new tastes. So, looking forward to see the end result.
Learning Japanese tastes and techniques .  (Recipes from upcoming cookbook Wa the Japanese Cookbook by Joe Kimura Downie)

Learning Japanese tastes and techniques. (Recipes from upcoming cookbook Wa the Japanese Cookbook by Joe Kimura Downie)


  • Things to look forward is Copenhagen Dining Week- Shared edition in Week 42 (from 14th-21st of October 2018). You can already see the menus and sign yourself up for it ;)

What have inspired you? Leave a comment, I would love to hear :)