Bi-Weekly Inspiration #5

Yep, autumn is definitely here, temperatures have dropped to 10 degrees. So all the warm stuff seem suddenly so amazing. Sun is still shining and we have an occasional rain, but brrr it is cold. It is definetly a curry season in here.

As it is told before I get my inspiration from several places so, don’t be alarmed if I will share occasional architectural find or business book about strategy :), it is still part of me :).

But never the less, it is time for Bi-Weekly Inspiration #5, If you want to catch up with previous posts then scroll down to end of the page and check the links below :)

  • My fascination with family meal cookbooks continues. I find it really interesting to listen Talks at Google with Alex Guarnaschelli: The Home Chef: Recipes to Know By Heart. This video is 50min, so a long one, but it gives you insight about this fascinating chef and also shares some insights about Iron Chef cooking show. 

  • Good opportunities to dine out in Copenhagen with reduced price. Week 42 is the Autumn holiday in Denmark, so all the kiddos are on the break, but it is also Copenhagen Dining Week ;). And this year the topic is shared meals, there are still places available, so check it out. Also there is another festival Dinner Days going on at the same time with different menus and restaurant selection. So good options are here.

  • Getting better sleep, and who would like to have a better quality sleep? I know, I would. If you also would like better sleep then check out Lisa Bryan’s Downshiftology video on 10 Tips on better sleep. She have some good points, and she is always inspiring (approx 15 min).

  • Still working myself through September Sweep Challenge. I will be slightly delayed to finish this whole challenge, but it definitely have had a positive inspirational impact. Btw Day 11 Decluttering a bedroom is very helpful for implementing some of the better sleep tips from the Downshiftology. So, lets declutter our bedrooms for better sleep!!!

  • Cookbook stacks at cafes. You know the books that are displayed as their inspiration (Usually). Though interestingly enough, I have noticed that most bakeries in Copenhagen are getting their inspiration from Tartine Bakery from San Fransisco. (There is so many Tartine Bakery Cookbooks displayed). So I was thinking this topic needs further investigation ;)

  •  Manga about Japanese Cuisine. (Yep, I do read manga, specifically food manga and I find it highly entertaining). I just finished a second book from Oishinbo series. It was all about Sake, and how hard it is to find a good quality sake. Interestingly enough it is also hard to find good sake in Japan, as majority sake that are sold is in market Sanzoshu sake, that is filled with additives, and is essentially sake like drink. While Junmaishu sakes are actually made of rice. So if looking into purchasing a sake go with Junmaishu Ginjoshu variant, though be aware that sake is very sensitive for temperature and needs to be protected from light (wrapped to paper). 

  • Pumpkins :). It is pumpkin time!! And it seems like we are buying at least one pumpkin per week. So, lets hope that one pumpkin per week will keep doctor away ;). Anyway there is more coming about pumpkin.

  • Currently reading a book about Neuro-Gastronomy by Ramus Bredahl and Nikolaj Buchardt, to discover how the best meals are constructed. 

  • Our dinner MEAL PLAN for this week :)

Meal plan for Dinner Week #39

For lunch I am looking forward to have Bowls and ham & cheddar lunch muffins.

Treats for this week, besides frozen sea-buckhorn berries (R loves them + they are high in Vitamin C) are:

And to wrap it up, here is the Previous Bi-Weekly Inspirational Posts to check out

I hope, you got some good inspiration for this week, and as always I look forward to learn what inspires you :)

See you soon