Bi-Weekly Inspiration #4

So Autumn is here. After amazing warm high summer, we have suddenly entered into fall. So, here we have a First fall take of what inspires me currently.

  • September Sweep 

Joining in apartment therapy’s 15-day organising program. As I would like to enjoy a more efficient, more organised, and more streamlined space (and we do need to streamline a quite a bit).

  • Healthy Freezer meals. I am still struggling to build up healthy freezer, as we still have too many UFOs*. So I would like to try out Pinch of Yum’s 12 Healthy frozen meals, sounds and looks awesome. (*UFO - Unidentified frozen object ;))

  • Signing up for Family Global Eating Challenge from The Gingered Whisk starting at October 1 th  for 5 weeks. Not sure if we follow totally, but I believe we get some inspiration.

  • As weather is getting colder, we also would like to have some more autumnish food. So I look inspiration from following books

  • Bon Appetit The Food Lover’s Cleanse by Sara Dickerman, especially their fall section (Highly recommend this book :)) 

  • River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook by Nikki Duffy

  • GoodFood 101 Recipes for Kids

Cookbook Inspiration Bon appetit, GoodFood and River Cottage.jpg
  • Christmas preparation. Yes, you heard it right, I am thinking already about Christmas. I am not sure if it is mommy genes that force me to be highly organised for Christmas or because it is R’s 2nd Christmas and he is more aware of it or both. Anyway, we are still working on to develop our own set of Christmas traditions. Therefore, reading last years article from DK family magazine about 14 things/tips you need to get nice Christmas inspired me a lot. (If you want to check it out Familieliv- Få en Dejlig Jul by Daisy Løvendhal (Vores børn magazine 2017). 

Having homemade Christmas/Advents presents. Candy Inspiration from Konfekt by Annemette Voss (in Danish).

Making your own Christmas calendars (sounds like a great idea, lets see if we will also do it :)) 

Here is some links:

  • Steam-Punk Bar 

In my latest tour to Berlin, I visited or more or less stumbled into awesome exhibition/showroom/installation by Klaus Lipke, where he displayed his steam-Punk furniture and lightings. The star for show in my mind was the bar cabinet, (if I only would live in a loft it would be so awesome). 

Steam-Punk Furniture and Lighting by Klaus Lipke

Steam-Punk Furniture and Lighting by Klaus Lipke

So What have Inspired you lately? Leave Comment :)

Looking forward to hear from you