Bi-Weekly Inspiration #2

Hej or should I say Tere, as last two weeks we have been in Estonia enjoying our holidays, meeting family, friends and eating out. So yeah, we have been in total holiday mood and therefore this bi-weekly post has been teeny bit delayed, but finally here it is. 

As always be warned, that even though this blog is all things about foodie family lifestyle, you can occasionally see in this inspirational post series some pictures about decor/architecture (as I love it and who would like to get inspired by design), books I have read /are reading ranging from cookbooks to business books to food crime mysteries to self-development (though I still struggle to answer questions what is The book I have read :S, so search for it continues); podcasts and helpful tips to name it few. 

My goal behind this series is to offer you a glimpse to my interests and who I am :) and inspire you with my discoveries. 

Sounds cool? Are you ready to roll?

  • Experience: Spa Holiday in Tartu, Estonia at V Spa. Highly recommended for both couples or family with kids. Spa location is in the middle of the historic/ academic city so everything is in short walking distance (sights, shopping, eating). Facilities are great, spa don't smell of chlorine and beds are great. We loved it and our toddler loooved it too. He almost slept in, which has never happened before. 
  • New in cooking: As I am proud official recipe tester for upcoming Japanese cookbook “ Wa the Japanese Cookbook” by Joe Downie from Kimura’s Kitchen. I am learning about new skills and new Japanese tastes. So Udon noodles, tempura and seafood here I come :D
Salmon Skin Salad

Salmon Skin Salad


  • “Cellar Rat Project”. I am still working on newsletter #2, but spoiler alert it will be about Georgian Wines. Till then check out Cellar Rat and sign up for newsletter! 
  • Food and Cooking Festival in Copenhagen it is August and it is time to make my pick on what is left in their program. It is terrible how being a parent to small toddler, some things have left to last moment. Maybe, I should better at prioritising the things that I love and will give me energy to be more rounded parent. Goal for the next month :)
Can't wait to taste the Ramen from legendary Ivan Ramen :)

Can't wait to taste the Ramen from legendary Ivan Ramen :)


  • Vintage cookbooks. Yes my vintage cookbook collection grew again. Now I have Estonian Cookbook about Healthy and Tasty food from 1955. So soviet-era. 
Vintage Cookbooks Soviet-era


  • Upcoming cookbooks. Well if you ask me I have never too many cookbooks :D, so therefore it was highly interesting to ready through lists of cookbooks published this fall and make a pick on what I should consider adding to my ever-growing collection. 
  • Article: Just Write 500 Words a Day? Or how I put it to my hubby, when he asked what I am reading- “I am reading an article how to write 500 pages a day”. You can imagine confusion and fear on his face about this upcoming high productivity monster :D.

What have you been enjoying this week?  Any little things to share?

(None of the links provided are affiliate, it is just pure inspiration, my opinion and discoveries)