Bi-Weekly Inspiration #1 

Hej, and happy Monday. I hope the summer has been kind to you and you have clocked in many hours of sunshine.

Here in Denmark and CPH we still have draught, which limits the amount of bonfires and bbq. (Yep it is hard life, and I cannot believe, but I really miss summer rain and thunder). 

As I feel that it has been bit too quiet in this blog, I was thinking to start Bi-weekly Inspiration post series. So I will be bi-weekly posting short list of things that has inspired me and projects/ tasks I am currently tackling :). 

Though be warned that even though this blog all things about foodie family lifestyle, you can expect to see in this inspirational post series some pictures about decor/architecture (as I love it and who would like to get inspired by design), books I have read /are reading ranging from cookbooks to business books to food crime mysteries to self-development (though I still struggle to answer questions what is The book I have read :S, so search for it continues); podcasts and helpful tips to name it few. 

My goal behind this series is to offer you a glimpse to my interests and who I am :) and inspire you with my discoveries. 

Sounds cool? Are you ready to roll?

  • Experience: Our family loves street food because it offers a opportunity to taste different cuisines and enlarge our taste experiences. So on weekends you can quite often find us exploring Broensgade køkken and Reffen Street food offerings. In Broensgade Køkken I suggest you check out Malay booth, who offers always nice taste experience and Coffee Collective coffee soft ice, which is like a refreshing Tiramisu experience with out ladyfingers. 


  • Project 1: I reserved a bunch of sausage making books from library. Yep, will be tackling sausage making. Why? I find the options in the shops quite limited, and you know when you are not satisfied with offerings, then you should do something about it. Plus I have new toy, as I got mincer for my Kmix and it has sausage making attachment. 


  • Project 2: Last couple of weeks, I have been trying to put together Lambrusco buying list. Yep, it is the summer wine to have. Goes well with variety of foods and it is fun- Red wine with bubbles :). Who wouldn’t like bubbles? Also while combining this list, I have learned a lot about it and tried to summarise this knowledge into bite size nugget. Therefore, Cellar Rat Wine Club was born (Check it out at Cellar Rat and sign up for newsletter! Spoiler: the #1 edition is all about Lambrusco :))
Pizza and Lambrusco with friends this weekend

Pizza and Lambrusco with friends this weekend


  • Project 3: I am trying to but together Viljandi Food Tours for Families and hope to test it out later on next month. Then Copenhagen and Tallinn Foodie Family Tour will be in works. Til then check out my 1 day trip ideas from Copenhagen (Download here) 


  • There is eating brunch at Sanchez in our bucket list of places to eat. (Still)


  • Podcast: If you have just 30 minutes per week for podcasts, I suggest on tuning in on Seth Godin’s Akimbo. It has golden nuggets to everyone really enjoy it. The last what I listened was What is your Origin story? Yep, it is another thing, what I try to formulate/ tackle now. Though, I would also love to hear your origin story. 


  • Article: Top 10 Tips For New Moms. While I was more or less sure on what I got myself into, while expecting mini-foodie to arrive, reality was little-bit different. And yes, I must admit we have also gone down some rabbit holes. 


(None of the links provided are affiliate, it is just pure inspiration, my opinion and discoveries)