Ruby - the new kid in a "Choco Block"

So now, after couple of days playing around with this new SoMe friendly chocolate (for Millennials) called Ruby (and yes, I have taken looot of pictures :D), it is time to do some investigative work. Who is this new kid in the “Choco Block”? What is its credentials? And more importantly, should I switch from dark to Ruby?

Ruby and cat.jpg

Hello, my name is Ruby

Nice meet you, my name is Ruby, I am the new kid in a chocolate world. I debuted in the world on 5th of September 2017, in Shanghai by Barry Callebaut (the worlds leading supplier of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products to B2B). I am 4th type of chocolate (besides dark, milk, white) and I am pink. I am innovative, mysterious, fruity, and smooth. My colour is SoMe friendly and I am designed to millennials, to satisfy theirs needs for hedonistic indulgence. You can find that I share some similarities with white chocolate, though I am without remarkable chocolate taste.  (Awww - How cute). 

So after 8 months what we know about this 4th chocolate?

Well, surprisingly little, as its production process is a trade secret and there is a lot of speculation.

The things we know is:

  • There is no actual Ruby cocoa plant;
  • Characteristic cocoa flavour is lost with this new kiddo;
  • No added stuff and no GMO;
  • Supposedly cocoa bean processing makes it pink, it is speculated that it is made of unfermented cocoa beans;
  • It is very visual chocolate with berry fruitiness and smooth texture;
  • Only Barry Callebaut is producing and selling it to chocolatiers and chocolate companies (After all it is trade secret and they have a creative rights ;) );
  • KITKAT was the first to launch a chocolate product using Ruby

What is unknown is:

  • What is this innovative process that unlocks the cocoa bean’s attributes that makes it pink and taste fruity with out cocoa taste?
  • Is it chocolate made with unfermented cocoa beans?
  • How much cocoa butter and solids it contain?
  • Do we Millennials, think this innovation is enough to satisfy our hedonistic indulgence?

All in all it has been interesting experience to explore this Ruby. Definitely SoMe worthy, as you can see. Definitely it has its place and time. Would it be here to last and drive to mainstream? Lets wait and see. 

Ruby 3x3

Ruby 3x3

(NB! Not an advertisement! If you want to experience yourself this SoMe Ruby Chocolate and you are not in Japan or UK, where the Ruby KITKAT is available, then in Denmark chocolatier Peter Beier is having it in his selection).

Is it a modern food industry marketing magic, as journalist Annelise Griffin asks in her article. Well, in a way yes. Though, there is only so little we can innovate with. In this case it is process, rather than finding or developing new cocoa plant. 

Would I change out my dark chocolate with this Ruby? Most definitely not. Nothing, (well almost nothing) will keep us apart. 

Though, while learning and investigating this new chocolate type, I got to know that I have been using KITKAT chocolates all wrong, all this time? Apparently, these are communication tools, and I have been  treating it as a regular chocolate bar. Ups, silly me. So next time, you indulge with KITKAT, know, you should be communicating with it. 

Have you tried Ruby yet? If yes, I would love to hear what you think about your Ruby experience. 

(Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with any of the brands and it isn’t an advertisement to these brands! It is not paid content! It is short summary about my own research and personal curiosity about Ruby chocolate).