Bi-Weekly Inspiration #7

Buon Giorno,

Here is my bi-weekly inspiration, almost directly from Lombardy, North Italy. You know sometimes you need to change scenery ;), so we had our family autumn adventure in Bergamo. Nice little hilly historical city in Northern Italy, close to Milan. Temperatures were around 20 degrees and those views (WOW). More about our trip will come soooon, so stay tuned :). (Still have some editing etc. to do :))

So what have inspired me in these last weeks:

  • Bergamo itself, with its hilly landscape, Italian way of breakfast etc. So, I look forward to share my tips, research and experiences with you.

Our foodie family exploring Bergamo

Our foodie family exploring Bergamo

  • Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat. Got this book for last Christmas, but have been so busy with the regular everyday rut that, I have only barely browsed it through. But as Netflix have made series about it, I look forward to read it along the series.

  • New season of Danish Bake-off.  Yes, food realities are awesome (sight), and even in Italy I managed to see tune in to their local version.

  • Learning Italian recipes from Italian Food Network. As we were having a family trip, with little Mr. R. then the time was limited for taking cooking courses, so to solve this problem I actually tried to pick up some recipes and techniques from the TV. (and yes it was in Italian and I have never learned the language before. Though funnily enough on the last day of the trip, I was already able to order food in so good Italian that shop assistant tried to engaged me into deeper conversation about their product not realising that my Italian language skills are rather limited. So, I was standing there with big eyes (PLINK PLINK)).

  • Foreign food magazines. It has almost become an tradition that I am buying local food magazines, while travelling, as it gives a good idea what is the food trends in my destination, gives me ideas what food souvenirs to purchase back and also get inspiration about food photos :).

Italian food magazines    (It seems I am starting new collection)

Italian food magazines (It seems I am starting new collection)

  • Getting into more meal prep and planning, trying to develop back from holiday survival kit for fridge/freezer, but also trying to streamline our food preparation, shopping and cleaning, to keep my sanity in this busy times ahead ;). 

  • Halloween- Still fascinated about it, and it seems Mr. R. Also would find it fun, so we try to do  some decorations etc. to celebrate it. Hubby, is still not totally into it. 

So thats it from me for now, but looking forward to hear what inspired you these past weeks, so leave comment.

Ciao, Liisi