New milestone for Baby R - Solid Foods

So now, when Baby R is 5 months, we have started to introduce him more actively to new tastes and food textures. What we can say, is that, so far it has been interesting and at the moments a bit confusing ride. As there is so many suggestions and guidelines available, it makes us constantly question What foods we should introduce him first and if we should go with new trendy weaning technique called baby-led weaning (BLW in short), which promises no purees, no stress and no fuss or combine different techniques or should we go with purees etc.? Should these purees be homemade or shop bought? How should we use our sous-vide to make food for him? And the list of questions would go on and on in our heads. So all the baby thing got suddenly more complex :), though we cannot complain.

So you are asking what is BLW? Well, you most probably have heard this acronym casually thrown around in your baby groups or speaking with fellow parents (btw everybody is using this acronym, rather than the full name, so be warned). So BLW or Baby-led weaning is a feeding technique, which will help your kiddo to transfer from milk-diet to regular solid foods. So basically he/she is allowed to help him/herself on whatever is on your plate.

In the nutshell idea behind BLW, is that baby will feed himself same food as the rest of the family and make healthy choices. What makes me wonder about this idea is that could 6-month-old baby really make these healthy choices by instinct, and even if they can, are we as a family eating wholesome and healthy food that supports this decision making?

So our first million dollar question- Are we going for parent-led weaning vs. baby-led weaning technique? Or combination?

While I still work myself through BLW concept (seems I am a very slow reader of the BLW book :P), I think we lean more towards the combination. He can choose, but at the same time, I/We are responsible for introducing him to new foods whatever we like them or not. Also, not everything on our plates is fair game for him and I still would wait to introduce the higher allergy risk produce to him when he is older (such as eggs, strawberries).

Baby R is very focused on eating cucumbers

Baby R is very focused on eating cucumbers

Also, I am very aware that even though as foodies, who eat relatively healthy (emphasis on relatively!!!) and members of KBHFF, we could say that there is still room for improvement in our food habits. Yes, we have started to eat more seasonal veggies and fruits thanks to KBHFF, and try to incorporate them into exciting food etc., but still, at the times we catch ourselves of going back to some safe choices (so the variation of dishes are not so great after all). Is it because the available time or familiarity who knows? Also, a majority of the times fruit and veggies have sidekick role in our family rather than stars and meat is our main source of protein (I know, not good at all :S, but we are actively working on it).

So there is conundrum are we eating varied and healthy enough, so Baby R can make all the right choices?

Well, I guess we are eating relatively healthy compared to some other families. We are aware of bottlenecks in our healthy diet, favour ecological fruits, veggies and meat and love to explore new cuisines. And after all, who can say that they are all the time 100% good in their food choices anyway.

So, I guess we are (well Baby R is) set to explore new tastes and textures- Hello solid foods :), buckle up, we are ready for new, tasty and exciting journey.