Developing Baby R's palate: Research Update #1

As I expressed in my previous post, I am curious how some babies enjoy the wide range of foods, and also develop good eating habits for future, while other's are fussy eaters and demand only red sausage and fries and eventually end up with unhealthy, eating habits when they are growing up. (Though just to note, there is no proven correlation or rule between kid eating only sausages and fries and ending up with bad eating habits, when they are older, it is just an example and there are exceptions off course ;)). 



Anyway, in my research so far, I have managed, between Baby R's naps, review some articles about the topic, how we form eating habits, and surprisingly everything points towards that we start to form our food preferences already in the womb. So, therefore, mother's diet during the pregnancy is important, as babies are already tasting what mother eats via amino fluids.

Also, mother's preference in certain foods can affect baby's preference when they grow up. I think the best example is from my own family, as I was told by my grandmother, that while she was pregnant with my mother, she loved vegetable soup with milk (or that was pretty much only thing she was able to eat that time), and surprisingly enough this weird soup is one of my mother's favourite foods (though, I think rest of the family don't share her fascination about the dish).

Therefore, while we are talking that it is important to offer babies a healthy wholesome food when we start weaning them, it might be late and we might start imprinting little one palate's long before they are born, followed by breastfeeding period and finally in the weaning period. So logical conclusion for all this is that, if you want your baby to eat healthy vegetables, then reconsider your own plate and make sure you also eat your greens already when you are expecting, as these early three periods are crucial in the future for helping baby to develop good eating habits, when they are grown ups.

So, be sure to remember to eat your greens :), it will be easier to convince baby to eat them as well during weaning process and helping him/her discover new tastes.