Breastfeeding is a process

I totally agree with notion, that breastfeeding is process and not bearly activity. It involves supply and demand and two parties supplier (mom) and client (the baby). Or that's how I see it through my supply/operations eyes :). And as in any supply process (the trustful) relationship is alfa and omega. To sum up this process baby forwards the supply order to the mom, who is responsible of supply and keeping up with demand. Fail to do so, will result with some heavy complaining from baby's side. 

So what is involved in this process.  

Demand side of this process is affected by baby's health, mood and growth rate. 

Supply side is more complex. It would involve mom's health, mood, food she eats + amount, stress levels, sleep. Off course there is some other biological factors also in play.  

Over the years media and experts are increasing talking about the benefits of breastfeeding. It is seen as a secret sauce for happy and healthy baby.  

For me and us it is also important though at the times it can be also challenging. But I support the thought that it is personal choice if family decides to go with bottle or breastfeeding. You have to choose what is best for you and the baby.  

Though, inorder not to go down this rabbit hole debate bottle vs. breast, I was curious of whole process of breastfeeding (as that what we have selected) and it's potential affects for Mr. R's future eating habits. Can we help him to make better more healthier food choices in the future? How to expose him to different tastes and eventually teach him to be curious, but consious and adventurous eater?