Developing Christmas Traditions- Food Edition

As a mixed origin couple, we have lived in tradition mix-match for the past 10 years. Meaning, one Christmas we spend with my family following Estonian Christmas traditions and another will be spent with my in-laws following Danish customs. So you could say we have had a nomadic holidays, and it has never been an real issue on what kind of traditions to follow, as one year it is one and another year it is other end of story.

But now when Baby R is getting ready to celebrate its first Christmas, we find ourselves discussing more and more about what kind of traditions and customs we as a family should adopt for our little family Christmas traditions or other holiday traditions in general. Should we dance around the Christmas tree or where on earth the Santa Claus lives (in Greenland or in Finland or North Pole :S)? (Btw we still haven't agreed on from where our Santa Claus is coming and should there be Santa Claus). 

But as a there is so many decisions to take, we thought why not take a bite size approach and compare different food traditions (Estonian vs. Danish) and in the end conclude which customs would make sense for us to keep and which ones are not so viable.

Luckily Estonian and Danish traditional Christmas food has its similarities, but as we know devil is in details. So over the course of weeks leading up to Christmas, I try here to find out where the dish originates, how it is made and our family opinion on should we keep or should we skip. I think it will be hyggelig experiment and hopefully shares some light on traditional Danish and Estonian Christmas food. 

So lets get started :)