My take on ... What to expect from 2017?

Just like last year, here is my take on food trends that I see popping up in 2017:

  • We continue to fight against obesity & diabetes by taxing sugary drinks. Though it is argued if it's the only evil we should be fighting with. (I personally continue to believe that if you use sugar responsible and you eat whole good food yit is better to bet on long term more sustainable results. 
  • Even though TRANSPARENCY and TRACEABILITY are continuing to be the most popular keywords for this year, I still think we have a long road to go and still many of us will be willing to stay ignorant on the issues like sustainability, GMO, food waste etc. 
  • New partnerships driven by speed, convenience, increased shelf life, nutrition and sustainability are created between technology and food industry. 
  • Increased conscious investments by the food industry.
  • Off course eating more vegetables :) continues. More books, discussions about the topic and more meat free days. 
  • Insects vs. meat, that is have grown in labs. Which kind of future protein source will we prefer?