August is a foodie month in Copenhagen

In the last couple of years, end of August has been one of the busiest periods for me as it features Copenhagen Cooking Festival. It is one of the two festivals in the year that I really look forward, and no the other one is not Roskilde festival, but Copenhagen Dining week in February. These two festivals make me always feel like a kid in the candy shop, where I have so many options and so little time, and sometimes quite often I also need to make some cruel tradeoffs. 

(Source: CPH Cooking & Food Festival Press Materials)

(Source: CPH Cooking & Food Festival Press Materials)

So this year I have following foodie objectives for my attendance: 

  • Buy a 3-day ticket to CPH Food District in Øksnehallen (check, so I am ready for festival)
  • Learn more about sourdough from Il Fornaio (I think my dark, well travelled sourdough needs a light companion not to be lonely on the fridge :); link to the event here)
  • Learn more about bugs as a future protein source (I think there will be some more post about that topic for sure and definitely pictures)
  • Visit Copenhagen by the Glass event (I have seen the teasers from Cocktails of Copenhagen and it seems really interesting, especially if you are into cocktails as it also features some very interesting seminars on the topic - Well, then it is simply must for any cocktail lover. The creations that peaked our preliminary interest are Business Thyme; Grilled Peaches and Strawberries & Cream. Also at Balderdash cocktail bar can you enjoy Boozy Ice Cream Bar from 22nd-27th of August, but be aware it has limited seats so better hurry if you want to indulge over boozy ice cream ;) ).
(Source: CPH Cooking & Food Festival Press Materials)

(Source: CPH Cooking & Food Festival Press Materials)

  • Learn how to grow mushrooms on a coffee crumbs (link to the event here)
  • Learn more about Danish fish and squid from chef Mikkel Karlstad (I like fish shops, but some how still end up with boring selection, hopefully I will manage to soak up some more inspiration to be more adventurous - link to the event here)
  • Learn how to maintain and care for my foodie tools - knives (dull knives are so last season) 
  • Go to Madklubbens restaurant crawl (Three restaurants on one evening, hmm ...)
  • and, be inspired by new tastes and wonderful people. 

So all in all, lot of educational and inspirational goals as always. And yes, it will be a busy end of the month, but I think it will be worth it :). Btw, it seems that also September month promises to deliver some interesting foodie experiences, but from that later. For now, I look forward to kick-starting off this year's Copenhagen Cooking and Food festival experience, which starts today. Cannot wait :)

See you in the festival ;)