My take on ... Food Trends for 2016

Every year many of us (bloggers, food enthusiast, industry) likes to make predictions about upcoming year. And year 2016 is not different. So after reading some of them, here is my take on upcoming trends for 2016: 

  1. Pulses and beans are continuously important, as they are a good sources of protein
  2. We are exploring long lost recipes and dishes (Historical cooking)
  3. Food waste, will not be only addressed in domestic level, but also in restaurants and national level. (So let's hope soon we can read that fight against it, has reached to industry level)
  4. Herbs and spices (especially organic) are gaining momentum 
  5. More urban farming and food production
  6. Fast, but high in quality is the keywords for food-on-go
  7. Simple good food is back. Fanciness is in decline.
  8. Increasing transparency in food supply chains
  9. Clean labels and free from will continue its popularity
  10. Less sweetness (read sugar), more natural sweeteners. (I sort of feel sorry for sugar as it is outlawed. I like the trend that we are reducing the sugar and explore natural sweeteners like honey, stevia etc., but we should also keep in mind that if it is going into process food it do not make it more healthy)
  11. Rise of tea (Does that need a comment ;))
  12. Artisan bread (We love good bite)
  13. Natural Cider (Thats the drink for 2016)
  14. New grains, are you ready to explore - quinoa move over.
  15. Fermentation is the new black (Kimchi, etc.)
  16. Champagne flutes are retiring, so go for regular white wine glasses to enjoy all the aromas (Ours is already enjoying their time in the boxes)

Also it seams that this week's trend (theme) among food bloggers and photographers is waffles. I have seen so many of them, and really consider it to take out my own waffle machine and make some. 

So how you imagine 2016 in food?