Little update: no I am not gone

It has been quiet here already for some time. Why? Well, let’s say there has been some soul searching and developing going on while trying to combine work life, creativity and everyday life. I know it is relatively vague, but I ensure I am coming back, and share what interesting things I have seen, experienced etc.

For example my cookbook collection has grown. Yes, I am a cookbook collector, and No, I have no idea how many cookbooks I already have.

I started to do meal plans to keep my sanity. Yes, me who had a very spontaneous approach to weekday dinner, but with parenthood things change. Actually, it gives you a different kind of flexibility, plus helps you to control your food budget.


Today, I just came from book presentation about Housewives in ration times or Husmor i en Rationeringstid by Dorthe Chakravarty (note: not an add or sponsored). Yes, it was nerdy but very interesting evening in Copenhagen’s only cookbook bookshop. (Yes, I could spend there hours and I actually should plan my next visit there).

Anyway, but most importantly, it is time to kick off 2019 season in this blog :), bit late but better than never. Right?

Bi- Weekly inspiration #6


Autumn is definitely here, tree leaves are in transition and knitwear is starting to allure us with its warmth. Here in Denmark we are entering into Hygge season (you know we are getting cozy. It was not just passing trend from some time ago ;) it is serious business here and we are not joking about it). 

So stock up on some candles, some nice soft warm plaids to cozy up, warm drinks (chocolate, tea), fluffy pillows and some awesome books, and you are ready to hygge (Cookies are optional ;)). 

Today’s cozy view of pottery, art and off course some work  :) @cafe13z

Today’s cozy view of pottery, art and off course some work :) @cafe13z

(This post contains affiliate links)

So what inspires me in beginning of this month:

  • Octopuses and seaweed. I think these are interesting ingredients to play around. Sous vide octopus is really yummy, recipe can be find here :). Even our toddler enjoys it, plus it would be perfect dish for your Halloween table.

Sous Vide Octopus arms

Sous Vide Octopus arms

  • Autumn colours (warm earthy colours of yellow, red, orange. I think it is the first time, I have noticed the full beauty of fall, and I just love it. All the leaves, colours etc. 

  • Hygge or cozying up with good book and warm beverage. Who wouldn’t look forward to it????

Fall Hygge:   from left on the top:  Blance Candle from the Candle Shop / Momo Hygge/Curry is in season/Plaids from Ellu Sallid/Apples/ Langom / Hygge /Time

Fall Hygge: from left on the top: Blance Candle from the Candle Shop/ Momo Hygge/Curry is in season/Plaids from Ellu Sallid/Apples/Langom/Hygge/Time

  • Wholesome breakfast, anybody? Some great inspiration from Minimalist Baker for adding buckwheat or using aqua faba in your granola. 

  • For more inspiration for Halloween and Fall check out my Pintrest boards (still working on how to get these boards embedded here ;))  

  • And yeah, Holidays are coming so, here is 5 good tips how to save your sanity during this season “5 Simple Things You Can Do To Plan Ahead For The Holiday Season” by Abby Lawson from Just a Girl and her Blog. Stress free Holidays sounds like dream :).

  • Last, but not least I will leave you to check out Seth Godin’s Akimbo for inspiration as you know you are it .

So what inspires you in this October, looking forward to hear from you

Bi-Weekly Inspiration #5

Yep, autumn is definitely here, temperatures have dropped to 10 degrees. So all the warm stuff seem suddenly so amazing. Sun is still shining and we have an occasional rain, but brrr it is cold. It is definetly a curry season in here.

As it is told before I get my inspiration from several places so, don’t be alarmed if I will share occasional architectural find or business book about strategy :), it is still part of me :).

But never the less, it is time for Bi-Weekly Inspiration #5, If you want to catch up with previous posts then scroll down to end of the page and check the links below :)

  • My fascination with family meal cookbooks continues. I find it really interesting to listen Talks at Google with Alex Guarnaschelli: The Home Chef: Recipes to Know By Heart. This video is 50min, so a long one, but it gives you insight about this fascinating chef and also shares some insights about Iron Chef cooking show. 

  • Good opportunities to dine out in Copenhagen with reduced price. Week 42 is the Autumn holiday in Denmark, so all the kiddos are on the break, but it is also Copenhagen Dining Week ;). And this year the topic is shared meals, there are still places available, so check it out. Also there is another festival Dinner Days going on at the same time with different menus and restaurant selection. So good options are here.

  • Getting better sleep, and who would like to have a better quality sleep? I know, I would. If you also would like better sleep then check out Lisa Bryan’s Downshiftology video on 10 Tips on better sleep. She have some good points, and she is always inspiring (approx 15 min).

  • Still working myself through September Sweep Challenge. I will be slightly delayed to finish this whole challenge, but it definitely have had a positive inspirational impact. Btw Day 11 Decluttering a bedroom is very helpful for implementing some of the better sleep tips from the Downshiftology. So, lets declutter our bedrooms for better sleep!!!

  • Cookbook stacks at cafes. You know the books that are displayed as their inspiration (Usually). Though interestingly enough, I have noticed that most bakeries in Copenhagen are getting their inspiration from Tartine Bakery from San Fransisco. (There is so many Tartine Bakery Cookbooks displayed). So I was thinking this topic needs further investigation ;)

  •  Manga about Japanese Cuisine. (Yep, I do read manga, specifically food manga and I find it highly entertaining). I just finished a second book from Oishinbo series. It was all about Sake, and how hard it is to find a good quality sake. Interestingly enough it is also hard to find good sake in Japan, as majority sake that are sold is in market Sanzoshu sake, that is filled with additives, and is essentially sake like drink. While Junmaishu sakes are actually made of rice. So if looking into purchasing a sake go with Junmaishu Ginjoshu variant, though be aware that sake is very sensitive for temperature and needs to be protected from light (wrapped to paper). 

  • Pumpkins :). It is pumpkin time!! And it seems like we are buying at least one pumpkin per week. So, lets hope that one pumpkin per week will keep doctor away ;). Anyway there is more coming about pumpkin.

  • Currently reading a book about Neuro-Gastronomy by Ramus Bredahl and Nikolaj Buchardt, to discover how the best meals are constructed. 

  • Our dinner MEAL PLAN for this week :)

Meal plan for Dinner Week #39

For lunch I am looking forward to have Bowls and ham & cheddar lunch muffins.

Treats for this week, besides frozen sea-buckhorn berries (R loves them + they are high in Vitamin C) are:

And to wrap it up, here is the Previous Bi-Weekly Inspirational Posts to check out

I hope, you got some good inspiration for this week, and as always I look forward to learn what inspires you :)

See you soon

Bi-Weekly Inspiration #4

So Autumn is here. After amazing warm high summer, we have suddenly entered into fall. So, here we have a First fall take of what inspires me currently.

  • September Sweep 

Joining in apartment therapy’s 15-day organising program. As I would like to enjoy a more efficient, more organised, and more streamlined space (and we do need to streamline a quite a bit).

  • Healthy Freezer meals. I am still struggling to build up healthy freezer, as we still have too many UFOs*. So I would like to try out Pinch of Yum’s 12 Healthy frozen meals, sounds and looks awesome. (*UFO - Unidentified frozen object ;))

  • Signing up for Family Global Eating Challenge from The Gingered Whisk starting at October 1 th  for 5 weeks. Not sure if we follow totally, but I believe we get some inspiration.

  • As weather is getting colder, we also would like to have some more autumnish food. So I look inspiration from following books

  • Bon Appetit The Food Lover’s Cleanse by Sara Dickerman, especially their fall section (Highly recommend this book :)) 

  • River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook by Nikki Duffy

  • GoodFood 101 Recipes for Kids

Cookbook Inspiration Bon appetit, GoodFood and River Cottage.jpg
  • Christmas preparation. Yes, you heard it right, I am thinking already about Christmas. I am not sure if it is mommy genes that force me to be highly organised for Christmas or because it is R’s 2nd Christmas and he is more aware of it or both. Anyway, we are still working on to develop our own set of Christmas traditions. Therefore, reading last years article from DK family magazine about 14 things/tips you need to get nice Christmas inspired me a lot. (If you want to check it out Familieliv- Få en Dejlig Jul by Daisy Løvendhal (Vores børn magazine 2017). 

Having homemade Christmas/Advents presents. Candy Inspiration from Konfekt by Annemette Voss (in Danish).

Making your own Christmas calendars (sounds like a great idea, lets see if we will also do it :)) 

Here is some links:

  • Steam-Punk Bar 

In my latest tour to Berlin, I visited or more or less stumbled into awesome exhibition/showroom/installation by Klaus Lipke, where he displayed his steam-Punk furniture and lightings. The star for show in my mind was the bar cabinet, (if I only would live in a loft it would be so awesome). 

Steam-Punk Furniture and Lighting by Klaus Lipke

Steam-Punk Furniture and Lighting by Klaus Lipke

So What have Inspired you lately? Leave Comment :)

Looking forward to hear from you

Bi-Weekly Inspiration #3

Hej :)

So it is already September. Time flies, what else. So to keep it short and sweet here is the things /articles/projects that have inspired me the last two weeks. 

It was good piece to read. I got to know about “second screening” guilty and top-down and bottoms-up attention (Top-down is when we select to focus on something and bottoms-up is when our attention is involuntary captured, like the time you went to do one quickly thing in online and ended up spending hours doing everything else). Reading this article made me also recognise that I might have developed hyper attention as go to attention mode and are using deep attention less and less. (And that is scary. Maybe it is time to pick up some books and relearn this skill). Also the paragraph Are the Kids…. All Right, made me think deep and also made me sad to understand that Roar is competing with my phone or other screens for attention. Definitely we need to address that.

  • “I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food” quote by Erma Bombeck. I thought it was really good quote and was pleasantly surprised to find out that she has been writing a lot and witty about family life too. Definitely worth to check out her other quotes, but also I look forward to get my hands on some of her books.
  • August was foodie month in Copenhagen. Had fun going to Cider Festival and tasting different ciders around the world. After tasting us through quite few, we agreed/confirmed that Jaanihansu from Estonia is making amazing stuff. 

Also this year I had an opportunity to go and participate on Bite and listen some interesting lectures and taste some amazing new products. (More about it shortly). 

  • Japanese tastes. This month I was exploring a new role- a recipe tester for new cookbook Wa the Japanese Cookbook by Joe Kimura Downie from Kimuras Kitchen and can say I learned some new techniques and experienced some new tastes. So, looking forward to see the end result.
Learning Japanese tastes and techniques .  (Recipes from upcoming cookbook Wa the Japanese Cookbook by Joe Kimura Downie)

Learning Japanese tastes and techniques. (Recipes from upcoming cookbook Wa the Japanese Cookbook by Joe Kimura Downie)


  • Things to look forward is Copenhagen Dining Week- Shared edition in Week 42 (from 14th-21st of October 2018). You can already see the menus and sign yourself up for it ;)

What have inspired you? Leave a comment, I would love to hear :)

Bi-Weekly Inspiration #2

Hej or should I say Tere, as last two weeks we have been in Estonia enjoying our holidays, meeting family, friends and eating out. So yeah, we have been in total holiday mood and therefore this bi-weekly post has been teeny bit delayed, but finally here it is. 

As always be warned, that even though this blog is all things about foodie family lifestyle, you can occasionally see in this inspirational post series some pictures about decor/architecture (as I love it and who would like to get inspired by design), books I have read /are reading ranging from cookbooks to business books to food crime mysteries to self-development (though I still struggle to answer questions what is The book I have read :S, so search for it continues); podcasts and helpful tips to name it few. 

My goal behind this series is to offer you a glimpse to my interests and who I am :) and inspire you with my discoveries. 

Sounds cool? Are you ready to roll?

  • Experience: Spa Holiday in Tartu, Estonia at V Spa. Highly recommended for both couples or family with kids. Spa location is in the middle of the historic/ academic city so everything is in short walking distance (sights, shopping, eating). Facilities are great, spa don't smell of chlorine and beds are great. We loved it and our toddler loooved it too. He almost slept in, which has never happened before. 
  • New in cooking: As I am proud official recipe tester for upcoming Japanese cookbook “ Wa the Japanese Cookbook” by Joe Downie from Kimura’s Kitchen. I am learning about new skills and new Japanese tastes. So Udon noodles, tempura and seafood here I come :D
Salmon Skin Salad

Salmon Skin Salad


  • “Cellar Rat Project”. I am still working on newsletter #2, but spoiler alert it will be about Georgian Wines. Till then check out Cellar Rat and sign up for newsletter! 
  • Food and Cooking Festival in Copenhagen it is August and it is time to make my pick on what is left in their program. It is terrible how being a parent to small toddler, some things have left to last moment. Maybe, I should better at prioritising the things that I love and will give me energy to be more rounded parent. Goal for the next month :)
Can't wait to taste the Ramen from legendary Ivan Ramen :)

Can't wait to taste the Ramen from legendary Ivan Ramen :)


  • Vintage cookbooks. Yes my vintage cookbook collection grew again. Now I have Estonian Cookbook about Healthy and Tasty food from 1955. So soviet-era. 
Vintage Cookbooks Soviet-era


  • Upcoming cookbooks. Well if you ask me I have never too many cookbooks :D, so therefore it was highly interesting to ready through lists of cookbooks published this fall and make a pick on what I should consider adding to my ever-growing collection. 
  • Article: Just Write 500 Words a Day? Or how I put it to my hubby, when he asked what I am reading- “I am reading an article how to write 500 pages a day”. You can imagine confusion and fear on his face about this upcoming high productivity monster :D.

What have you been enjoying this week?  Any little things to share?

(None of the links provided are affiliate, it is just pure inspiration, my opinion and discoveries)

Bi-Weekly Inspiration #1 

Hej, and happy Monday. I hope the summer has been kind to you and you have clocked in many hours of sunshine.

Though be warned that even though this blog all things about foodie family lifestyle, you can expect to see in this inspirational post series some pictures about decor/architecture (as I love it and who would like to get inspired by design), books I have read /are reading ranging from cookbooks to business books to food crime mysteries to self-development (though I still struggle to answer questions what is The book I have read :S, so search for it continues); podcasts and helpful tips to name it few. 

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Marinated red onions

Here is a quick recipe for marinated red onions, that goes well with grilled meat, salads, burgers and as a topping for a sandwiches. It is low in sugar and uses rice wine vinegar.


(Makes 1 jar (370 ml) 

  • 1 1/4 dl water
  • 75 ml ricewine vinegar
  • 2 cloves
  • 3 peppercorns
  • 2 tbsp of sugar
  • 3 smaller red onions or 2 medium size
  1. Slice onions into thin rings.  
  2. Add all the ingredients into pot (besides onions) and bring it to boil. 
  3. Turn the heat off and add the onions. Let it infuse 15 minutes and then transfer into Weck (370 ml) or container. (I just like Weck jars for it ;)). 
  4. Can be kept in fridge for a week. 


What you need to know about cooking with a wine?

Nope, we are not talking about cooking wine, but cooking with regular wine. Yep, there a difference.

To put it simply "the cooking wine" you don't want to drink, but the regular wine you are choosing to cook with, can offer you both taste in your dish, but also enjoyment and company during your meal or well during the cooking ;).

"I cook with wine and sometimes I even add it to the food"- W.C. Fields

So what you need to know about cooking with a wine?

Well, rule of thumb is almost always go with dry version. Yes, there can be exceptions, but then it is specified what kind of wine etc. , so follow the rule!!

Though different recipes can call for different wines to enhance taste

  • Classic case - Your recipe calls for white wine or dry white.

Get your hands on dry, crispy medium bodied white, that is not oaked* and not sweet**.

  • Pinot Grigio (the safest bet)
  • Sauvignon Blanc (Seafood/Cream sauces)
  • Chardonnay (unoaked*!!! to add richness).

Why not oaky? You could end up with some unwanted bitterness, which can ruin your dish. Also for the same reason avoid asparagus/artichoke and oaked wine combo. 

**Why not sweet? Well, sweet wines has their time and place. If you don't want to caramelised notes in your dish then maybe it is better to avoid it. (Sweet beurre blanc on your fresh potatoes? I am not sure :S I would stay for dinner. Though off course tastes are different). 

According to Decanter acceptable substitution are dry vermouth, dry bubbles (can be leftovers from last night, as you lose the bubbles anyway during cooking :P) or if you want non-alcoholic option then add veggie or chicken stock with dash of lemon or vinegar. 

  • Sherry - Yes, sherry is also type of wine as it is Marsala and Madeira, that can be used in cooking).

Good for deglazing and adding depth into your cream sauce. Also supposedly good with oysters. Acceptable substitute: Madeira - Sercial (dry version). 

  • Marsala - For braising.
  • Port - Divine for sauces for wild meats and also macerating berries for dessert. Dessert sauces and off course next to it. 

So happy cooking and experimenting!




Sous Vide Pulpo

... with Fresh Salsa and Corn Tortillas

It is our take on Sunday roast, and yes, you need to plan little ahead with this dish. Though the good thing is that sous vide is very hands off cooking method, so you can enjoy your Sunday activities while the dinner is cooking, making it perfect for families with kiddos.

That could be your next Sunday roast - White wine marinated pulpo with fresh salsa and corn tortillas- Yum!!

That could be your next Sunday roast - White wine marinated pulpo with fresh salsa and corn tortillas- Yum!!

Also note that sous vide Pulpo is perfect in salads and on top of pizza (link) if you don't feel like tortillas/tacos or will have leftovers that needs to be used ;).

For Pulpo

  • 1/2 kg of Pulpo (also known as octopus)
  • 75 ml dry white wine with crisp acidity (we used Vinho Verde from Portugal, which is often good value and have a relatively low alc. % and have this crisp, fresh profile).

Tip: use the good wine that you would be drinking, as you will have a leftover and please remember that if you cook with wine it should be always OK quality, not too expensive or too cheap. 


  1. Clean the pulpo by rubbing it with salt and then rinse it with cold water.
  2. For marinate take sous vide bag, place your pulpo in it, and add wine and pinch of salt and pepper. 
  3. Seal the bag using vacuum sealer and plop this little package into warmed up sous vide (75 C) and let it get cozy approx. 5 hours. 
  4. When 5 hours have passed, take the bag carefully out (be aware it is now relatively warm). 
  5. Open the bag and take the pulpo out (it should be very tender by now).
  6. Placing it to heat resistant surface (for torching) or onto grill. (Don't discard the liquids as you could use it to make sauce (still need to work on the recipe ;)) or use it to make seafood risotto (link) it would work similar to the stock you would be adding anyway). 
  7. Now after some fire treatment, you are ready to serve the tentacles as whole (for full drama) or you could also slice them into smaller bits (for little more averse eaters).
Octopus in Sous vide.jpg

Tentacles in water

Fire treatment for tenticles.jpg

Fire treatment

with a torch

For Salsa

  • Take handful of datterino or cherry tomatoes and cut them into 1/4
  • Dice half of the avocado
  • Dice half of the medium onion
  • Squeeze 1/2 of the lemon juice
  • And dice 1/4 of red chilli
  1. Mix it all together and taste it with salt and pepper.


  • Heat up ready made tortillas from shop (or if you are lucky then from your local tacoteria) 
  • or make your own using the ready made fresh masa (which you can buy from your local tacoteria, if you have one) or maseca. (Anyway, link to video how I am making corn tortillas using maseca is in works, so stay tuned :D).


Combine tortillas, pulpo and salsa. Cut some fresh cilantro for garnish and serve it with some leftover vino ;)


Ruby - the new kid in a "Choco Block"

So now, after couple of days playing around with this new SoMe friendly chocolate (for Millennials) called Ruby (and yes, I have taken looot of pictures :D), it is time to do some investigative work. Who is this new kid in the “Choco Block”? What is its credentials? And more importantly, should I switch from dark to Ruby?

Ruby and cat.jpg

Hello, my name is Ruby

Nice meet you, my name is Ruby, I am the new kid in a chocolate world. I debuted in the world on 5th of September 2017, in Shanghai by Barry Callebaut (the worlds leading supplier of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products to B2B). I am 4th type of chocolate (besides dark, milk, white) and I am pink. I am innovative, mysterious, fruity, and smooth. My colour is SoMe friendly and I am designed to millennials, to satisfy theirs needs for hedonistic indulgence. You can find that I share some similarities with white chocolate, though I am without remarkable chocolate taste.  (Awww - How cute). 

So after 8 months what we know about this 4th chocolate?

Well, surprisingly little, as its production process is a trade secret and there is a lot of speculation.

The things we know is:

  • There is no actual Ruby cocoa plant;
  • Characteristic cocoa flavour is lost with this new kiddo;
  • No added stuff and no GMO;
  • Supposedly cocoa bean processing makes it pink, it is speculated that it is made of unfermented cocoa beans;
  • It is very visual chocolate with berry fruitiness and smooth texture;
  • Only Barry Callebaut is producing and selling it to chocolatiers and chocolate companies (After all it is trade secret and they have a creative rights ;) );
  • KITKAT was the first to launch a chocolate product using Ruby

What is unknown is:

  • What is this innovative process that unlocks the cocoa bean’s attributes that makes it pink and taste fruity with out cocoa taste?
  • Is it chocolate made with unfermented cocoa beans?
  • How much cocoa butter and solids it contain?
  • Do we Millennials, think this innovation is enough to satisfy our hedonistic indulgence?

All in all it has been interesting experience to explore this Ruby. Definitely SoMe worthy, as you can see. Definitely it has its place and time. Would it be here to last and drive to mainstream? Lets wait and see. 

Ruby 3x3

Ruby 3x3

(NB! Not an advertisement! If you want to experience yourself this SoMe Ruby Chocolate and you are not in Japan or UK, where the Ruby KITKAT is available, then in Denmark chocolatier Peter Beier is having it in his selection).

Is it a modern food industry marketing magic, as journalist Annelise Griffin asks in her article. Well, in a way yes. Though, there is only so little we can innovate with. In this case it is process, rather than finding or developing new cocoa plant. 

Would I change out my dark chocolate with this Ruby? Most definitely not. Nothing, (well almost nothing) will keep us apart. 

Though, while learning and investigating this new chocolate type, I got to know that I have been using KITKAT chocolates all wrong, all this time? Apparently, these are communication tools, and I have been  treating it as a regular chocolate bar. Ups, silly me. So next time, you indulge with KITKAT, know, you should be communicating with it. 

Have you tried Ruby yet? If yes, I would love to hear what you think about your Ruby experience. 

(Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with any of the brands and it isn’t an advertisement to these brands! It is not paid content! It is short summary about my own research and personal curiosity about Ruby chocolate).

Wild Blueberry Yoghurt Mousse Cake

Now, as our baby R is not a baby anymore, but a toddler. I have found myself more and more thinking about all the sugary things that goes into our food. And while I have always tried to reduce sugar in the recipes, I opted this time to make a cake, totally without adding any sugar. Only natural sweeteners like honey, maple and agave syrup. (Though, Kammerjunkere/Digestive might contain some sugar).

And nope, I haven't joined "Sugar is Bad" movement and we don't have Zero sugar policy at home!! I just think that moderation is a key and you should also explore other sweet taste profiles. And while after all this cold, summer has finally reached (almost overnight) to Copenhagen (even though bit early), it is time for some lighter desserts and making space for new seasonal goodies in our freezer.

Wild Blueberry Yoghurt Mousse Cake in its full glory.     ( Note!  Inspiration to this recipe comes from Majas Vase's Koldskål Mousse Cake recipe from  Majas Desserter  before adding my own twist.  (Maja's books and blog is one of my go to places for some cake inspiration, really love her work :) ) .

Wild Blueberry Yoghurt Mousse Cake in its full glory. 

(Note! Inspiration to this recipe comes from Majas Vase's Koldskål Mousse Cake recipe from Majas Desserter before adding my own twist. (Maja's books and blog is one of my go to places for some cake inspiration, really love her work :) ).

So let's continue to the fun stuff- How to make this Wild Blueberry Yoghurt Mousse Cake!


  • 150 g kammerjunkere (well, Digestive will work too)
  • 50 g of melted butter


  • 200 ml natural yoghurt 3.5% 
  • 200 ml whipped cream
  • around 100-150 g Wild blueberries (used frozen)
  • around 50 g Agave syrup (amount depending on how big is your sweet tooth ;))
  • 5 1/2 sheets of gelatine

Cake Assembly

  1. Crush the kammerjunkere and melt the butter.
  2. Mix crumbs and melted butter together.
  3. Take Ø16 cake ring and place cake plastic in it (helps with keeping sharp edges). 
  4. Pour the crumbs in the cake ring and press it tightly down. Set aside to cool while you prepare yoghurt mousse.

And with that, it is now time for the mousse. 

  1. Place gelatine sheets into cold water to soften. 
  2. Mix yoghurt with blueberries and agave syrup. 
  3. Place half of the yoghurt mixture into small saucepan and warm it up. 
  4. Squeeze water out of the gelatine and add it to the warm yoghurt mixture. Stir till the gelatine is melted. 
  5. Whip cream into soft peaks. 
  6. In another bowl mix the now lukewarm yoghurt mixture with rest of the yoghurt. 
  7. Stir 1/3 of the whipped cream into yoghurt mixture and fold remaining 2/3 in it. (Why that kind of division? It is because it will help to keep the mousse airy).
  8. Now take the bottom and pour the mousse mixture on it. 
  9. Set cake into fridge to set. It takes 4-5 hours. (So you could prepare it in the morning and serve it for the evening). 
  10. For serving don't forget to remove the cake plastic and add some decorations. Now, you are ready to go ;)

Family Classics: Tales of Red Braised Pork

... also known as a Hong Shao Rou. Which is in a nutshell Chinese grandmothers dish. You know, the ultimate comfort food you always crave. And yes, there is myriad of variations, as every family have their own version. Our journey to "Red Braised Pork" recipe started with chef Gordon Ramsay and his World Kitchen cookbook.

And over the years we have tried different versions, as we have literally ordered it every time we have seen it on the menu (though, it is relatively rare find), and experimented and learned from mistakes trying to shorten the process (apparently Sous Vide is no go and boiling the meat in the beginning is very important step not to skip). 

So are you ready for Our Family Classics: Tales of Red Braised Pork?

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Happy International Pancake Day :)

Today (13 th of February), is International Pancake Day. Soooo, have you had yours ???. If not, then check out our tried and tested recipe for big thin pancakes (also known as crepes).

Pancakes with berries.jpg

All you need to have is 

  • 400 ml of milk (fat % is your choice, but water wouldn't give satisfying result) 
  • 100 ml of kefir/yoghurt/sour cream
  • 4 eggs (preferably from happy chickens)
  • 2 tbsp of olive oil 
  • 1 tbsp of sugar
  • 200 g of flour 

Whip the eggs, add the liquid. Whisk in the flour. Whisk the mixture til it is totally smooth (we don't like flour pockets in our pancakes :P) and heat up your pan. (I personally like to bake pancakes on cast iron pan, as I find it spreads heat evenly and always delivers. But any other pan would also work, just heat it up properly, it should be hot hot hot). Fry your pancakes with butter and have thin crepe spatula ready for flipping.

Serve it with strawberry jam, lemon & sugar, Sirup de Liege, honey or berries.

Pancake day.jpg

Hope you enjoy and happy Pancake Day :) 



Bite size tea nuggets: Intro to Oolongs

(or if you prefer Wulongs)

It has been long time since I have written, talked and actually taken pictures of tea. So to fix this mistake, I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite tea types - Oolongs from Taiwan. (And yes, it matters where they come form as well as altitudes, vintages and roasting degrees, etc. more about it below). ...

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Table for 2 1/2: Baby R's eating out gear (updated)

As we have taken active steps to educate Baby Rs palate with different foods, textures, and food experiences involving fair share of eating out. Our grand idea behind all this is to offer him different experiences, train his senses and hopefully in the end be able create enjoyable food time companion. So now when Baby R is eating with us regular food, he is also allowed to get his own seat in the cafes, and so far he is actively participating in eating out experience and enjoying it. But to be successful in his endeavours exploring new tastes, he needed some gear. And yes, at first we found out in the hard way that we were not prepared at all. No bibs, eating tools with us. After all we were total novices….

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Foodie Diary: Exploring Malmö in 6 hours

... Malmö, 3rd largest city in Sweden is always a perfect destination for quick inspirational/relaxing day trips to change scenery. It is only 20 minutes with the train from Copenhagen…. And yeah, these trips are fun and usually involve quite large degree of shopping and will always end up in ICA (big supermarket chain in Sweden), where to explore all sort of Swedish foods, but also it is a great opportunity to pick up some homey food that you could get from Estonian supermarkets.

So what we did in Malmö in six hours. …

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Developing Christmas Traditions- Food Edition

As a mixed origin couple, we have lived in tradition mix-match for the past 10 years. So you could say we have had a nomadic holidays, and it has never been an real issue, but now when Baby R is getting ready to celebrate its first Christmas, we find ourselves discussing more and more about what kind of traditions and customs our little family should adopt. Therefore we are taking a bite size approach and compare Danish vs. Estonian traditional food to find out what would make sense for us. … I think it will be hyggelig experiment and hopefully shares some light on traditional Danish and Estonian Christmas food. 

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